July 2014

Impact Report

Results from the Case for Girls Campaign


The Case For Girls campaign was a record breaking success. The campaign is among the largest crowdfunding campaigns ever in the Vietnamese community with $100,000 raised and over 2 million people reached. Thousands shared, liked, and even sent in their own pictures to help raise awareness for girls' education.

Furthermore, the campaign gave the world a first hand look at the lives of current students in Vietnam. Our volunteers, past scholarship recipients as young as 11 years old, gave us a view into their world by creating 18 videos with just an iPad and some help from their classmates. They spoke about their daily struggles, women they admire, and their aspirations.

Some of Vietnam's most influential women, from a pop superstar to a renown entrepreneur, joined the campaign and told stories of how education led to their success. Their stories are beacons of light for future generations of women in Vietnam and serve as examples of what's possible when we invest in girls.



USD Raised in twelve weeks


People Reached across the globe
Images Shared


Scholarships made possible

Making the Case

With the #caseforgirls campaign, we believed it was important to show the world from the unfiltered perspective of girls in Vietnam. We enlisted 9 current scholarship recipients from our partner programs, gave them iPads and asked them to show the world how education has changed their lives with their own words.

Our team traveled to Hanoi, Da Nang, and Saigon to train our volunteers to tell their stories using just an iPad. We spent entire days teaching the girls basic photography, composition, story telling, and editing. The result was 18 videos that shed light on the hopes, dreams, and ambitions of the next generation of female students in Vietnam like we've never seen before.


Equally important to the amount of money raised was the reach of the campaign's message. Over 2 million people saw the campaign. Over a thousand people spread the word by posting their own pictures & sharing their case for investing in girls' education.



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The Selfies Seen Around the World

In record breaking efforts, over 1000 of you posted pictures to Twitter & Instagram to spread the message behind #caseforgirls! Your efforts led to $10,000 in additional scholarship grants from WesternUnion.com & increased awareness for girls educations around the world.

Special thanks to the VSA at University of Virginia for single-handedly raising $3,000+ for the campaign!


The #caseforgirls campaign will directly benefit upwards of 1,000 female students. Many will receive full scholarships, living & education assistance, and entrance to gifted student programs.

We worked with three organizations that focus on education in three different age groups (primary, high school, and college) spreading the entire stretch of Vietnam.

The funds raise directly benefit our partners on the ground: Humanitarian Services for the Children of Vietnam (HSCV), VNHelp, and Children of Vietnam.

$100,000 raised. What's possible:


College Scholarships


Sets of books & supplies


Weeks of rice for a family


School fees, uniforms, supplies

Where your money goes

One hundred percent of the proceeds reach our partner NGOs. A flat 5% is held to cover 2.9% + $.30 credit card fees and administrative costs incurred by our processing partner, Vietnamese American NGO (VA-NGO). OneVietnam keeps none of the amounts donated. Our work was made possible with support from Western Union, Vietnam Airlines, Yahoo, and generous donors like you.

Below is a list of our partners and the programs the #caseforgirls campaign will support.

VNHelp: College Scholarship Program

VNHelp provides one-year and four-year scholarships to university students from impoverished backgrounds and work directly with Vietnamese universities to find candidates and follow their success. Funding from #caseforgirls goes towards 1 to 4 year scholarship programs helping girls from rural villages earn a university degree. $250 a year helps a poor, female college student pay for her tuition, books, school supplies and housing.

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Children of Vietnam: Bright Scholar Club

COV helps poor, orphaned and disabled children in Da Nang and Quang Nam, Vietnam gain a solid education, safe and stable housing, proper healthcare, and sound nutrition. The Bright Scholar Club is a comprehensive program that supports smart and at-risk girls from the 6th grade through college. $3,600 covers a girl's school fees, uniforms, books, supplies, health- care, tutoring, and summer workshops for the next 10 years of her education.

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Humanitarian Services for Children of Vietnam: Family Assistance Program

HSCV provides refuge to girls who have been living within an abusive, or potentially abusive, environment. The Family Assistance Program prevents impoverished families from having to make the tough choice of pulling their children out of school. $280 a year provides school fees, books, and health insurance for a disadvantaged girl, as well as monthly rice subsidies and a bicycle for her family.

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